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Klotz Sand & Asphalt Paving Co., Inc.

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480 N. Road #3

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Holcomb, KS 67851


Safety is our top priority for our customers and workforce. That's why all of our employees go thru a yearly training program fit for the industry. We constantly promote SAFETY on-site and off-site of projects locations.

Klotz Sand Co., Inc strives to perfect the quality of aggregates sold to customers for their business or personal projects. When it comes to laying asphalt, we take great pride in the quality of workmanship of the finished product.

Quality Control

Klotz Sand Co., Inc. considers quality control as a top priority. Our aggregates are tested weekly for quality control. We have an on-site laboratory & tech.


Klotz Sand Co., Inc. will submit, upon request, a qualities report or sieve analysis to ensure quality control.



The customer's time is very valuable as our own time. Klotz Sand Co., Inc.

tries hard to schedule deliveries to fit the customer's needs. All our trucks are

tracked via computerize GPS system to ensure efficiency.


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